Insults criteria and signs of teenage worldview

The development of conflict-free thinking - is the assimilation of the concepts of insults, namely what and how insults other people!

(concepts of insults, divided into groups in relation to the color blocksigns)
Insulting a person's personality
orange blocksign
The group of insults criteria corresponding to the orange blocksign:
  • insult based on neglect of a person's personality;
  • offensive-humiliating a dirty words;
  • insult based on humiliating comparison with something and / or anyone;
  • insult based on humiliating distortion of a person’s own name;
  • insult based on “go to the person”;
  • insult by unclaimed opinion / judgment;
  • insult by unwarranted distrust;
  • insult by demonstrating of intellectual superiority;
  • insult by arrogant - haughty attitude;
  • insult by “mockery”;
  • insult by “status” (demonstration of social superiority);
  • insult by knowingly false libelous information (damage to reputation);
  • offensive remarks against older people.
Extreme insults and human security monitoring
black blocksign
The group of insults criteria corresponding to the black blocksign:
  • insult of religion;
  • insult based on ethnic differences;
  • insult based on physiological features;
  • recruitment attempt to terrorist organizations, totalitarian sects and destructive cults;
  • suspicion of online fraud;
  • cyberbullying (Internet harassment);
  • attempt to create fake accounts;
  • distribution of photo and video materials prohibited by law;
Insults of female dignity
pink blocksign
The group of insults criteria corresponding to the pink blocksign:
  • Insult of female dignity;
  • insult using profanity in speech;
  • insult with unsubstantiated remarks;
  • insult by non-constructive criticism;
  • insult with unjustified raising of voice;
Insults of male dignity
blue blocksign
The group of insults criteria corresponding to the blue blocksign:
  • Insult of male dignity;
  • insult with unsubstantiated remarks;
  • insult by non-constructive criticism;
  • insult with unjustified raising of voice;
Signs of teenage worldview
green blocksign
The group of insults criteria corresponding to the green blocksign:
  • fanaticism and any of its manifestations: ideological, political, religious, sports, etc..;
  • self-importance is of great importance to a person; person constantly brags; the person is measured by the size of something with someone;
  • a person is not committed to independence, and avoiding decision-making, constantly in need of support;
  • a person does not choose his future profession, others decide for him, first parents, then heads; doesn't know what to do in life and in his free time, he doesn't care what to do;
  • a person does not seek to be a professional in anything (the pursuit of professionalism is the pursuit of "maturity" in the worldview);
  • a person is not able to prioritize in life;
  • a person is not able to admit his own mistakes;
  • a person is absolutely immune to alternative points of view; does not listen, and if he listens, he does not hear; he / she sees only what he / she wants to see, hears only what he / she wants to hear;
  • a person has an absolute conviction in his own rightness and obsession with his own position; a person on many issues does not even understand that he does not understand;
  • a person gives an evaluative opinion / judgment based on conjectures, not real facts and / or knowledge;
  • a person does not realize that he is insulting others, or he using insults and ridicule, as a way of his own exaltation by humiliating others;
  • a person does not realize such a thing as the neglect of the personality of another person (the basis of most conflicts);
  • a person uses profanity always, everywhere and inappropriate, uses profanity in front of women, children and strangers;
  • a person does not attach any importance to his own self-organization, self-development, purposefulness; does not form an individual from himself, does not force himself to study, go in for sports, work, etc., that is, not to strive to become a professional in something, in any field;
  • a person does not plan his life for more than 7 days; does not seek career growth due to not wanting to take responsibility for decision making; a person wants not to burden themselves with obligations so that life was easier and easier;
  • a person in the worldview is an egoist and / or an egocentric in extreme forms, because the child’s worldview is focused on solving their own problems and on receiving any benefits as opposed to the parental worldview, which is focused on solving children's problems and the return of benefits to children, to the detriment of their own;
  • a person fights on the street (fighting and beatings as verbal abuse uses as one of the ways to become an adult, elevating yourself by humiliating another person!);
  • a person spends money solely on himself, sees in the shopping entertainment and "toys" , rather than professional and expedient tools for solving everyday needs;
  • a person smokes cigarettes (people with an adult worldview do not smoke!); alcohol without a reason, without a company, without restrictions and control, intoxicated is not able to control itself, is aggressive, because a person with a teenage worldview is very frightened by the surrounding world, as a result, the response is aggression;
  • a person has a random circle of acquaintances, occupations, at the heart of building relationships as lucky, that is, "Russian roulette" ;
  • no real friends because of the adolescent worldview and unreliability due to the lack of trust of others, due to the fact that he does not want to take on the obligations of complicity in the fate of other people "( friends);
  • a person constantly complains about discomfort, life, the boss, the president, the state, the “system”, everyone owes him, everyone is guilty, but he is not guilty;
  • a person does not perceive earnings as a reward for creative work and constructive participation in the fate of other people;
  • a person is not able to focus on the "concrete things": on a specific thought; specific issue; specific task "; he himself does not know what he wants - to the question:" what do you want? ", does not know the answer, he is silent;
  • a person does not strive for a "golden" middle and balanced assessment; extreme states, or pessimist or optimist;
  • a man with a “teenage” worldview does not perceive a woman as a person, perceives her as a “toy” , and when played enough he wants another (one of the causes of divorce and domestic conflicts!);
  • a person is not able to understand that people do not choose at birth :
    • their skin color,
    • their nationality,
    • their sex,
    • their physiology,
    • their parents,
    • their birthplace,
    • their social status (rich or poor),
    • their mental abilities,
    • their talent or lack of it,

    "Teenage worldview" - the true causes of racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, Russophobia, Americanophobia, xenophobia, etc..

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    Conflict-free thinking
    will save you
    against mistakes in life!