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People 2.0: «Do you like being humiliated?» or «Is communication on the Internet possible without insults and conflicts?»

"It is possible, and not only in the “Internet”, but with the use of “non-conflict” social media - an alternative solution to popular social media!"

Boris Belevtsov - author and developer of «Conflict-Free Thinking™» technology

Humiliation - this is the main problem of man! Man by nature does not tolerate humiliation! Do you agree? The “Internet” of the future is a social media, where there should be no conflicts, as people, developing conflict-free thinking, do not insult each other, or the “Internet” will be available only to people who have reached the age of majority.

Boris Belevtsov - author and developer of "non-conflict" social media and «Conflict-Free Thinking™» Technology.

aa {background: #ff0000; color: white; padding: 2px;}Conflict-free thinking  will save you against mistakes in life!

Conflict-free thinking
will save you
against mistakes in life!

Why do people need conflict-free thinking?
1. Conflict-free thinking will help avoid family conflicts, improve the quality of relationships and reduce the number of divorces.
2. Conflict-free thinking makes a person stress-resistant, which will preserve the “psyche” of himself and others.
3. Developing a conflict-free, knowing how not to accidentally offend, a person becomes more successful in a relationship.And in itself the development of thinking, that is, the development of the analytical mind, will make a person more successful in his career.To such a person there will be a good attitude, People will reach for such a person, for such a person all doors will be opened.As a result, a person with conflict-free thinking will make fewer mistakes and live a happier life!

The reason for the most humiliations - unconscious insults. We don't understand that we insult other people!

The first reaction that every person who develops conflict-free thinking will face is the shock of how often we insult each other in everyday life! The cause of the majority of the humiliation of unconscious abuse. People don't understand that they insult others. Force action generates a force of resistance. Unconscious insults lead to retaliatory insults, all sorts of grudges, domestic conflicts or even a break in relations. Using the system of colored blocksigns «Conflict-Free Thinking™» in specialized, so-called "Non-conflict" social media users instead of retaliatory insults expose each other colored blocksigns.

Colored blocksigns
orange blocksign black blocksign pink blocksign blue blocksign green blocksign

Discussing the exposed block signs and causes of conflict, users learn about 20 concepts of insults, as well as whether these insults are unconscious, primary or retaliatory. As a result, in the process of "hot" discussions formed thinking that can prevent conflicts.

Skeptical people may argue that it is impossible to avoid conflict.Yes, it is impossible to absolutely avoid conflict situations, but it is possible to influence the causes of their occurrence. There are petty quarrels that do not leave a negative in a person’s soul, and it happens that they change their fate when a person who has not coped with stress, because of a small quarrel will commit a crime and, as a result, will receive a criminal sentence!

NOTE In particular, the development of conflict-free thinking is recommended for both ordinary people and people who make management decisions: businessmen, representatives of the upper and middle class, top management of large companies, politicians and civil servants, journalists and media workers.
Attention! Unconscious insults committed by you public in your environment are the cause of global conflicts and international warriors!

A little about «Conflict-Free Thinking™» Technology
Start of development in 2015. The basis of the technology is the “conflict-free” eco-environment (a profile-segmented communication tool, including a dating service and an ad service), in which people, communicating with each other, develop conflict-free thinking. For this purpose, specialized communication tools have been developed that characterize groups of people united by a single value system or common interests. (in perspective over 320 resources!) .

The development of conflict-free thinking and the fight against the "teenage" worldview
in adults!

Tasks of technology:
  • improving good relationships and reducing conflicts;
  • development of conflict-free thinking and the fight against the "teenage" worldview in adults.
The tools of technology:
  • «Brand-selectivity» - providing users with a choice of special means of pre-developed social media for groups of people united by a common value system;
  • «Personal socially significant registration filter» - a resource entry threshold for associating like-minded people and an entry barrier for filtering out anonymous users and non-adherents;
  • «Colored blocksigns system» - development of conflict-free thinking; the fight against the "teenage" worldview in adults; user self-regulation inside the resource (standard moderation is missing or minimized!).
NOTE Currently, national and international applications for the grant of a patent for an invention have been filed with FGU FIPS "Rospatent" and "WIPO".

For many people, freedom of speech is freedom of insults!

The problem of intersection of people with extremely opposite views
  • To solve this problem, each «non-conflict» social media is specially developed taking into account a group of people of a particular value system. This minimizes the intersection of people with sharply opposing views or beliefs in one place. Such people often try to impose their point of view on each other in a rigid form. In this case, as a rule, a person in a value judgment, hiding behind the freedom of speech, gives an assessment of an offensive nature. That is, under "freedom" of speech justifies only "freedom" to insult and humiliate others.

  • Anonymous users with bad intentions and monitoring inappropriate behavior
    Users, using the system of colored blocksigns «Conflict-Free Thinking™» in each «non-conflict» social media, independently carry out public monitoring of inappropriate behaviousers. With this system, everyone has the opportunity to notify their environment and draw attention to serious offenses or to socially significant problems.

    So that adolescents do not fall under the bad influence of peers or anonymous users with bad intentions, in each «non-conflict» social media, a small subscription fee is specially introduced, which, when registering an account, technically filters out all anonymous users. Due to the cost-effective model completely eliminates the ability to create fake accounts, and because of the growth of personal responsibility of each user, the risks of online fraud are reduced, the risks of distribution of prohibited content, cyber-bullying attempts are reduced, juvenile suicide propaganda, recruitment to terrorist organizations, totalitarian sects and destructive cults. If, nevertheless, will be suspicious actions with regard to minors are noted, then again, using the system of colored blocksigns under the monitoring of respectable users, parents or acquaintances will be notified of what is happening, which will protect adolescents from problems, and parents from shocks.

    NOTE In order to promote conflict-free thinking in society, the subscription fee will be spent on expensive advertising in the media, where each user will become a co-investor of the future conflict-free society!

    Anonymous, extremists, swindlers and other "inadequate".
    Do not buy our accounts!

    Author and developer warns: "«Non-conflict» social media are designed exclusively for transparent and open communication, and if you are a conflicted person, anonymous with bad intentions or plan to carry out extremist or fraudulent actions, then you are not recommended to purchase an account and not recommended to register in non-conflict social media! Your illegal actions will become obvious to other users who, using the colored blocksigns system, will block your account without a refund and will attract the attention of the media and, worse for you, law enforcement!"

    Methods of development of conflict-free thinking
    The development of conflict-free thinking occurs through the awareness of the essence of insults. In the system of colored blocksigns, where each color of five blocksigns corresponds to a certain group of insults, for example:
    Insulting a person's personality
    orange blocksign
    The group of insults criteria corresponding to the orange blocksign:
    • insult based on neglect of a person's personality;
    • offensive-humiliating a dirty words;
    • insult based on humiliating comparison with something and / or anyone;
    • insult based on humiliating distortion of a person’s own name;
    • insult based on “go to the person”;
    • insult by unclaimed opinion / judgment;
    • insult by unwarranted distrust;
    • insult by demonstrating of intellectual superiority;
    • insult by arrogant - haughty attitude;
    • insult by “mockery”;
    • insult by “status” (demonstration of social superiority);
    • insult by knowingly false libelous information (damage to reputation);
    • offensive remarks against older people.
    Extreme insults and human security monitoring
    black blocksign
    The group of insults criteria corresponding to the black blocksign:
    • insult of religion;
    • insult based on ethnic differences;
    • insult based on physiological features;
    • recruitment attempt to terrorist organizations, totalitarian sects and destructive cults;
    • suspicion of online fraud;
    • cyberbullying (Internet harassment);
    • attempt to create fake accounts;
    • distribution of photo and video materials prohibited by law;
    Insults of female dignity
    pink blocksign
    The group of insults criteria corresponding to the pink blocksign:
    • Insult of female dignity;
    • insult using profanity in speech;
    • insult with unsubstantiated remarks;
    • insult by non-constructive criticism;
    • insult with unjustified raising of voice;
    Delving into the meanings of insults, in the process of communication, users begin to realize what exactly offends and why it should not be done.

    An adult with a “teenage” worldview is a potentially “dishonest” person!

    Conflicts due to the fact thatadults have a “teenage” worldview.
  • I draw your attention to the reason for most of the problems in people's lives - the presence of "teenage" worldview in adults! People, as it were, do not grow up and remain children throughout their lives. This is more true for men than women. Often a woman, as a rule, turns out to be dependent on a man with a “teenage” worldview. I must apologize in advance to those whom this thesis can offend, but the problem remains - an adult with an "teenage" worldview - a potentially dishonest person with a guarantee to complicate themselves and others life!
    Signs of teenage worldview
    green blocksign
    The group of insults criteria corresponding to the green blocksign:
    • fanaticism and any of its manifestations: ideological, political, religious, sports, etc..;
    • self-importance is of great importance to a person; person constantly brags; the person is measured by the size of something with someone;
    • a person is not committed to independence, and avoiding decision-making, constantly in need of support;
    • a person does not choose his future profession, others decide for him, first parents, then heads; doesn't know what to do in life and in his free time, he doesn't care what to do;
    • a person does not seek to be a professional in anything (the pursuit of professionalism is the pursuit of "maturity" in the worldview);
    • a person is not able to prioritize in life;
    • a person is not able to admit his own mistakes;
    • a person is absolutely immune to alternative points of view; he / she sees only what he / she wants to see, hears only what he / she wants to hear;
    • a person has an absolute conviction in his own rightness and obsession with his own position; a person on many issues does not even understand that he does not understand;
    • a person gives an evaluative opinion / judgment based on conjectures, not real facts and / or knowledge;
    • a person does not realize that he is insulting others, or he using insults and ridicule, as a way of his own exaltation by humiliating others;
    • a person does not realize such a thing as the neglect of the personality of another person (the basis of most conflicts);
    • a person uses profanity always, everywhere and inappropriate, uses profanity in front of women, children and strangers;
    • a person does not attach any importance to his own self-organization, self-development, purposefulness; does not form an individual from himself, does not force himself to study, go in for sports, work, etc., that is, not to strive to become a professional in something, in any field;
    • a person does not plan his life for more than 7 days; does not seek career growth due to not wanting to take responsibility for decision making; a person wants not to burden themselves with obligations so that life was easier and easier;
    • a person in the worldview is an egoist and / or an egocentric in extreme forms, because the child’s worldview is focused on solving their own problems and on receiving any benefits as opposed to the parental worldview, which is focused on solving children's problems and the return of benefits to children, to the detriment of their own;
    • a person fights on the street (fighting and beatings as verbal abuse uses as one of the ways to become an adult, elevating yourself by humiliating another person!);
    • a person spends money solely on himself, sees in the shopping entertainment and "toys" , rather than professional and expedient tools for solving everyday needs;
    • a person smokes cigarettes (people with an adult worldview do not smoke!); alcohol without a reason, without a company, without restrictions and control, intoxicated is not able to control itself, is aggressive, because a person with a teenage worldview is very frightened by the surrounding world, as a result, the response is aggression;
    • a person has a random circle of acquaintances, occupations, at the heart of building relationships as lucky, that is, "Russian roulette" ;
    • no real friends because of the adolescent worldview and unreliability due to the lack of trust of others, due to the fact that he does not want to take on the obligations of complicity in the fate of other people "( friends);
    • a person constantly complains about discomfort, life, the boss, the president, the state, the “system”, everyone owes him, everyone is guilty, but he is not guilty;
    • a person does not perceive earnings as a reward for creative work and constructive participation in the fate of other people;
    • a person is not able to focus on the "concrete things": on a specific thought; specific issue; specific task "; he himself does not know what he wants - to the question:" what do you want? ", does not know the answer, he is silent;
    • a person does not strive for a "golden" middle and balanced assessment; extreme states, or pessimist or optimist;
    • a man with a “teenage” worldview does not perceive a woman as a person, perceives her as a “toy” , and when played enough he wants another (one of the causes of divorce and domestic conflicts!);
    • a person is not able to understand that people do not choose at birth :
      • their skin color,
      • their nationality,
      • their sex,
      • their physiology,
      • their parents,
      • their birthplace,
      • their social status (rich or poor),
      • their mental abilities,
      • their talent or lack of it,

      "Teenage worldview" - the true causes of racism, fascism, anti-Semitism, chauvinism, Russophobia, Americanophobia, xenophobia, etc..
    • To combat teenage worldview in the system of color blocksigns, there is the most important - the "green" blocksign. For example, depending on the situation, parents, acquaintances or even peers, exposing the "green" blocksigns, where more than 40 signs of a teenage worldview are determined, pointing to the behavior inherent in adolescence, automatically form the thinking of adult person. Through awareness of the signs of "adolescence" , a person is an independent growing up and ideological maturation, develops self-criticism, responsibility and adequacy, contributing to a sense of purpose. Obviously, a purposeful person will achieve greater success in life than the "child"!

      Let's look at examples of why it is necessary to fight the "teenage" worldview in the process of education:
        I marry an adult "child." Suddenly I'm lucky and he will not leave me!
      • A girl of 18 years old marries a young man of the same age. A young man with a teenage mindset. Children are born. Faced with domestic problems due to unawareness and the "immaturity" of a young man, the marriage breaks up. The young man as "child" running away from problems. As a result, abandoned children, crippled fate. If the marriage does not break up, then the family is doomed to live an unhappy life in poverty due to the lack of desire of the young man to improve the material condition, in constant household scandals, to escape from reality - alcohol in unlimited quantities, drugs and crime.
        If the girl had the opportunity to immediately understand and ”read adolescence” in the guy, she would choose another, more worthy candidate, and has lived a happier life! Developing conflict-free thinking, any girl, knowing the signs of a teenage worldview, will learn to easily identify and define “teenage” in a peer and not only. Moreover, such a girl will be able to make "grow up" in the future to any man and properly raise their children;
        I am an adult "child" - I will not go to jail!
      • A person with a “teenage” worldview is likely to go to a rash act, a crime and get a criminal sentence, than will “please” relatives! All crimes are committed only by people with a teenage worldview-the average age of 14-16 years!;
        Blogger is free to swear obscenities, or how to reduce views
      • A well-known, popular and talented blogger with "teenage" worldview, swearing obscenities on the air of his channel, does not understand that, firstly, offends the neglect of the personality of his audience, and, secondly, reduces his audience and views, as such a video with socially significant or entertainment content is not recommended for viewing neither parents nor friends. If a blogger has 2-4 million views per video, which could be 10-15 million or more, which would increase his earnings by 5-6 times, respect and popularity.
        Businessmen and owners, as well as management
      • If you are a businessman and your partner with a “teenage” worldview, he is likely to fail you seriously by destroying your business. Your gigantic, sometimes insurmountable work on the organization of your own business, your personally invested money, perhaps the last, perhaps borrowed, your time, energy, labor, your patience, risks - and all in vain! You were let down by a “teenager” you couldn’t identify in your partner. The same applies to the situation when the owner of the company hires "management". Some board members with a "teenage" worldview make discrediting management decisions that damage the company's reputation, brand reputation and reputation for ownership.. All losses and all the negative goes to the owners!
        If a politician has a teenage worldview - it is a guarantee of "hot" conflict!
      • A politician with a "teenage" worldview launched a local war in 2008. People died, including own people. In the region quarreled local people for the next 25 years at least. Have the people chosen this politician, knowing that the country will be managed by a person with a “teenage” worldview? I don`t think so.
      NOTE More detail: signs of teenage worldview.

      We cultivate rapists and murderers ourselves!!

      Causes of school massacres!
      As you know, every child is in a hurry to become an adult and only children, elevating themselves above others, insult and humiliate others! Indeed adults in worldview people there is no need to rise, humiliating other! Each child’s natural physiological data, psyche, and mental abilities are different: someone is physically and psychologically hardy, someone is not; someone outwardly attractive, someone not very. Accordingly, the digestibility of children in different subjects at school is different, and it happens that inexperienced teachers begin to tease a student with poor performance in the presence of peers, thereby unknowingly humiliate him. Further, classmates, but in a more cruel form, begin to mock and humiliate in every way such a teenager, who, as a rule, is in addition from a dysfunctional family, where there are continuous scandals in the family! For a long period of time, the teenager receives a hail of ridicule peers about physiological data, mental abilities, social status (poor-rich), which he did not influence and did not choose from birth, cyberbullying (Internet bullying). Strength of action gives rise to counteraction. As a result, due to the lack of understanding, justice and hopelessness of his situation, the hunted child begins to hate all his surroundings: classmates because of constant bullying; teachers, who mostly do not care; parents because of the inability to influence the situation. The bowl of patience of the child's psyche overflows, it’s already impossible for the child to endure the accumulated stress and even more so to control and in a state of passion, the teenager brought to "edge" to which already everything is equal and there is nothing to lose, having hated all society, finds the father's hunting gun, brings it to school and shoots everyone who gets to it on a way! Yes, this is an extreme case - not everyone has guns at home, but if society still fails to "bring" a teenager to madness, he at least will grow in bitterness and for the rest of his life will live in hatred of people, the state, and society! Well, and then, where the life curve will lead .. And this is all our fault, as a society! We ourselves cultivate rapists and murderers! ..
      Conflicts among football fans and martial arts fighters
      In order to promote conflict-free thinking among football fans in the future, the development of "non-conflict" communication tools for more than 220 world sports clubs. And for those involved in extreme sports and, in particular, martial arts, for fighters of mixed martial arts, for connoisseurs of boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, karate, aikido, judo, etc., for all those at whom the conflict on the street can end with death of the opponent and a criminal sentence, the development of conflict-free thinking is considered obligatory in shaping the fighter's worldview. (more info

      NOTE It will also be possible to develop conflict-free thinking in narrowly specialized professional and entertainment media: to prevent conflicts on the roads (communication tools for motorists and motorcyclists); for aggressive rappers and rockers, for club music lovers, for professional managers, journalists and art workers.
      Is it possible to avoid regrets from casual dating?
      Often people worry because of lost time on relationships with people with whom it was better not to intersect in life! "Conflict-Free thinking" Technology and "non-conflict" social media, where each of which for internal use there is a safe service of Dating and a safe ad service, where the absence of anonymous people and people with a non-united system of values allows you to form a transparent and trusting "eco-environment" in which the probability of building relationships with unfavorable people is minimized. This solution also allows users to avoid big regrets from casual acquaintances in the future!
      The identification of "hypocrisy and false" in people and in relationships
      It is important to warn that at first personal account holders will be distressed by the awareness of identifying a false, two-faced attitude towards themselves from others or friends. A person will, to put it mildly, be slightly disappointed with his environment. For example, will be identified: "fake" friends who do not care about you; pseudo "well-wishers" (in the eyes they say one thing, in the back another); hypocrites; people who do not share your value system; populists and "cheers" patriots. In other words, "small", cunning and insincere people who, using the trust of others, use you for their own benefit. Such people prefer to manipulate you, usually when you do not even know about it. Through the identification of such people need to safely go. The sooner a person reveals insincerity and filters out doubtful personalities from his environment, the better!

      Similar, not the best qualities of character have always manifested themselves at a critical moment in a person’s life, especially in extreme conditions, when people find themselves in sudden, long, life-threatening and health-threatening circumstances. For example, in hot spots among the servicemen, when a person, finding himself in combat, immediately passed the test for "hypocrisy" and others immediately became clear who he really is! To hide it, as in the peaceful life makes the majority, impossible.

      In people of extreme professions: pilots, submariners, officers of power structures, etc. often have been identified is not the "best" qualities of personality, insecurity and, as a consequence, the loss of confidence of colleagues. Such people were professionally filtered out. In a peaceful life, not all people's professions are associated with the risk to life and to identify the vile is not so easy. "Non-conflict" social media, thanks to technology, are designed in such a way that they lay exclusively on that value system where hypocrisy will be obvious to others or similar people simply will not be in one together. This is the main essence of the technology "Conflict-Free Thinking™" - as soon as possible to identify and protect each other from dishonest people. Now there is no need to put a person in extreme conditions to arrange a test for "decency".

      It is impossible to unite globally "Mankind", imposing "unions" or "blocks" on people!

      Interethnic conflicts
      Any sensible person is a supporter of the global unification of Mankind! But, I believe that it is impossible to artificially unite peoples, within the framework of imposing people of different cultures, religions, languages ​​and identity, "unions" or "blocks", as well as a single virtual space or technical solution in the field of IT! No one will ever make any concessions! This will only lead to even greater global problems and conflicts! The only thing that can unite is a common worldview. A worldview based on conflict-free thinking, and it is only thinking that can unite people of different cultures, languages, religions and identities.

      Since 2016, in order to promote conflict-free thinking and the prevention of interethnic conflicts, we have been working on prototyping and testing more than 70 national "non-conflict" social media for virtually all nations of the world, including:«Americans», «Russians», «Ukrainians», «HanChinese», «Indians», «Jews», «Englishry», «French», «Germans», «Armenians», «Azerbaijanis» and many others. The initial formation of conflict-free thinking is necessary strictly among people with the same value system, and therefore in the development of resources deliberate division on national, state, sports grounds, etc.. A good example of the effectiveness of this model was the division of states by borders. Imagine what problems there would be if there were no borders!

      NOTE Only for the owners of personal accounts will have access to an internal, unifying messenger «» (chain of people with conflict-free thinking). The messenger works in every "non-conflict" social media. For communication of people from different ethnic groups, activation of access in the messenger will occur automatically after one year of using the system of blocksigns and achieving a total of >100 exhibited or received blocksigns. In simple words, until a person learns not to insult people, to communicate with representatives of other Nations will not!

      Build a global company in 1000 “Everest”!

      Improving relationships between people through the creation of value conflict-free thinking!
      In 2019-2020 for service "non-conflict" social media developed on technology "Conflict-free thinking" in strategic plans creation of the international management company «One Account Products». At the moment, negotiations are being held with strategic business partners around the world. The future company should be open to society, transparent to regulators, fair to competitors, where anyone who shares the values of the future non-conflict society could take part in it. We will carefully select partners and consider only the best conditions of offers. In addition to the intentions of participation, it is important for us that future partners have specialized expertise and the best global business practices.

      Rich you or poor it doesn't matter if you have a bad relationship!

      Popular trends among startups in IT technologies, in healthcare, VR and AR projects are very important, but from a human perspective, an investment in human capital and human relations is more important! Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, healthy or sick, all this does not matter if you have bad relationships with others! The mission of the future company is long-term, at least for the next 10-15 years, hard work to improve relationships between people through the creation of the value of conflict-free thinking. To build a global company for the production of "non-conflict" on an industrial scale is a task comparable to 1000 times climbing of Everest, as well as promoting "conflict-free worldview" is a rarity in our time. Judging by the daily news reports, there is a lot of work to do ...

      Boris Belevtsov, CEO & Founder
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      aa {background: #ff0000; color: white; padding: 2px;}Conflict-free thinking  will save you against mistakes in life!

      Conflict-free thinking
      will save you
      against mistakes in life!